Singles Box League Begins

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The Singles Box League has begun. You can find your box, opponents and details of format at the following link:

Singles Box League April – May 2016

  • You play each other person in your box once
  • Matches are best 2 out of 3 sets with a tie break if the set goes to 6 – 6
  • Please try to schedule, play and report your matches as early as you can
  • All matches must be completed by May 31st
  • All players will have 4 or 5 matches to play before May 31st

A Quick Note on Assignment of Initial Boxes

To get initial boxes and start the league, players had to be selected into groups. This involved a lot of marginal calls on very little clear evidence and several instances where several players could have gone into either of 2 tiers. To remove potential bias, many of these calls were drawn at random.

I’m pretty sure this will lead to a few situations where you feel there are people in the Tier above who you could beat. That’s pretty much unavoidable and this is just a starting point. Win the games in your current box, get promoted and you can get them next season.

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