Monday Night Social Round Robin

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Club Nights will return from Monday with a modified format. We are going to try a multi-week social round robin (singles).

The format will be as follows:

  • Play will start each Monday at 7pm and finish some time before 9pm
  • All players must register in advance each week (before 2pm on each Monday)
  • You can register by emailing or by texting Alastair
  • There will be a maximum of 15 players
  • There will be 3 rounds of timed play (25 minutes with 5 minute changeover)
  • Each player will sit out a maximum of 1 round in the evening
  • Matches will be set so that you get opponents somewhere close to your level
  • Positioning in the matching system will adjust week to week based on your results
  • Your opponents and court allocations will be arranged in advance
  • You can play or not play individual Mondays and that is no problem

Please note that while the matching system for club night will adjust based on results, it will be used only for matching and only for club night. It will not impact in any way on ratings, positioning on the club ladder or contribute to any selections or competitions.

All existing COVID-19 guidelines will apply (you must have your own marked balls etc)


We need to be mindful of the COVID situation and restrictions, so standard club nights are still a no go for now. While anything truly social is pretty much out of the question, this at least allows us all to see some different faces and get a bit of variety into our opponents.

In order to minimise risk and comply with all necessary guidelines, please note the following:

  • Your playing partners, courts and times will be known in advance
  • Please go straight to your court and warm up then start when instructed
  • We cannot have groups congregating before, after or during play
  • 5 minutes will be alloted between rounds for players to leave and enter the court area and get to their courts

Hopefully it will be a bit of fun.

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