Singles Box League

For details of format and box draws etc. for the current season of the box league please visit the following page:

Singles Box League – Spring 2017

The format is designed to encourage and assist members to play singles on a regular basis against players of a similar standard. We hope this will help all players at all standards to:

  • Have fun
  • Have scheduled matches against closely matched opponents
  • Expand your circle of hitting partners
  • Improve your tennis

What to Expect

  • The box league is a singles league which is designed to run on an ongoing basis
  • Entrants are placed in a box of 4-6 players of similar standard (sort of like a champions league group)
  • During each mini-season (4-6 weeks), you play each other player in your box once
  • At the end of each mini-season, players are promoted, relegated or remain at the same level depending on their results
  • The boxes are then re-drawn and a new mini-season begins
  • Over time, players will rise and fall depending on results and each mini-season should see different opponents and challenges
  • Players will organise their own matches which must be completed before the end of each mini-season
  • The schedule will not be taxing. Each player should expect to play something like 4 games in 6 weeks
  • This should leave enough space to schedule and play matches even around holidays etc.

Box League Structure Example


If you have any questions, email Alastair at

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