Court Etiquette

The following rules of etiquette are mostly common courtesy, and should be followed whether you’re playing tennis or being a spectator. Most of us know the right thing to do – we just need a gentle reminder every now and then! 

1). Show respect and courtesy to your opponent(s), your partner, and others on or near the courts. Keep your voice down and confined to your court as much as possible so as not to disrupt players on adjacent courts. If you get into a loud dispute with your opponent, take it off the court and away from other players. 

2). Do NOT walk onto another court during a game. Wait for the players to finish the game, or minimally the point, before walking onto or behind their court. It is very distracting to have someone disrupt a game in progress, so if you must cross another court, do so after the game is finished, and go around the court, not through the middle. 

3). Do not retrieve your ball from the other court As with the above, it is common courtesy not to disrupt players on court during a match. If your ball rolls onto an adjacent court, wait for them to finish the game or point, and kindly ask for “a little help” to get their attention. Under no circumstances should you run over onto their court in the middle of a game to retrieve the ball yourself. 

4). Close the gate behind you Whether you’re coming onto the courts, or leaving, it is common courtesy to close the gate behind you. This will keep the balls inside the confines of the gate and they won’t roll outside. This should be taken into consideration with point 2 also. 

5). Pick up after yourself. Don’t leave empty tennis ball cans, glasses, plastic beakers or old tennis balls out on the court when you leave.

Have fun! You can follow these rules of etiquette and still have a good time on the courts – the players on adjacent courts will appreciate it.

Skerries Lawn Tennis Club