Mens Singles Box League 2024

  • You play each other player in your box.
  • Players are responsible for organising their matches each week.
  • All matches are first to 2 sets. A 10 point tie break is to be played in place of a 3rd set.
  • All players have 3 matches and all matches are to be completed by Friday May 3rd.
  • Results should be notified by via this form >> Enter Results 2024
  • Players score 1 point per match win.
  • In the event of equal points, placings will be decided by head to head, then set margin, then game margin, then coin toss.
  • Please make every effort to play all of your matches. It is often very hard to find fair ways to resolve placings within groups where matches were scratched. Failure to complete your matches negatively affects all of the other players in the competition.
  • Players responsible for scratching matches may be relegated or removed from the competition.
  • Final placement in groups where a walkover was given:
    • Points and scores earned on the court should be preserved where possible.
    • Players cannot win a group, gain promotion, or avoid relegation as a result of benefiting from points or score difference from a walkover.
    • In the event of a placing decision where a player involved stands to benefit from a walkover win, all results against the walkover player should be removed in order to decide just that one place.

Spring Season 2024

Skerries Lawn Tennis Club